I have created a body of abstract work, exploring reflections. Reflection on water, reflection on the window and reflections in the mind. This work is inspired by my love of nature and my need to be outdoors.  What I need as an artist for a peaceful mind is to paint from mood and experience, rather than creating form.  The work is oil on wood, framed in the Little Birdhouse Art Shop online, in a high gloss black frame. 

Rain Down My Window

People and Places modal scarf
people and places matte oblong
accent pillow luster square
triptych turquoise
Moody sky statement
Wild Flower wrap
Wild flower statement bag
Moody sky wrap
Floral surprise scarf
Flower and fawna top
new work2
Industrial Landscape 1
Blue Bridge in Autumn
The Windmill Lytham
Abstract underwater
Floral Abstract
Matching art
Big Chocolate Buns
liz fitzgerald-taylor cards 002
Lovely Shoes
liz fitzgerald-taylor cards 001
autumn leaves are turning
Copy of people and places
industrial landscape
Papier Mache Dancing With Othello
Papier Mache Art
Papier Mache Art
Papier mache art
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