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All prints are limited edition and signed by the artist. Each print is numbered.
21 x 29 cms                      £40
29 x 42 cms                      £60
42 x 59 cms                      £80

Manchester Landscape circa 1950s. This is a print of an original piece of work created with chalk, charcoal and acrylic on canvas. It has a gritty edge to it. The work looks amazing framed with dark wood. A Giclee Fine Art Print.

Abstract underwater

I love this abstract piece of work and created it influenced by the underwater sea bed. In its original form it was created in collage using a mixture of fabric, metal and acrylic. As a print, it really does work very well and can be enlarged up to 42cm x 59cm. Rich pinks and turquoise look fabulous on a white wall! Giclee Fine Art Print

Floral Abstract

Giclee Fine Art Print of an original piece. This is a large original giving a rich colourful print. It is an intricate piece of work using collage to create a combination of images with words weaved within them.

Big Chocolate Buns

A fun print of an original painting.The original piece is a combination of collage with rich acrylic colours. Looks amazing in a number of locations, including home, cafes and public places. Giclee Fine Art Print. Each print is a numbered limited edition.

Urban Landscape

A stunning print of an original painting by Liz Fitzgerald-Taylor. The original painting was created using collage, acrylic, charcoal, graphite and emulsion. This is a very modern piece and would look fantastic in any modern home. Giclee Fine Art Print

The Windmill Lytham

This is a vibrant print of a beautiful original I painted in 2015. The original has SOLD. It is an abstract of THE WINDMILL in Lytham St Anne's near Blackpool. The Windmill is captured in inks, charcoal, graphite and white acrylic. The print captures the original beautifully. Giclee Fine Art Print. Each print is a numbered limited edition.

Blue Bridge in Autumn

A high quality print taken from a very large canvas. BLUE BRIDGE IN AUTUMN is an exciting piece of my work. It is mixed media and contains collage, acrylic and chalk. A beautifully vibrant piece of work perfect for home. The print is rich with blues, yellows and golds. Giclee Fine Art Print.


A beautiful PRINT of a large abstract canvas of a panoramic view of the Promenade des Anglais Nice. The original painting is SOLD. A selection of collage materials including newspaper, magazine cuttings and tissue paper were used to suggest different textures. I then paint into the picture with a mixture of acrylic and emulsion. Buildings and hard edges are created using card dipped in paint and printed onto the canvas. The print comes in various sizes. Giclee Fine Art Print

People and Places modal scarf
people and places matte oblong
accent pillow luster square
triptych turquoise
Moody sky statement
Wild Flower wrap
Wild flower statement bag
Moody sky wrap
Floral surprise scarf
Flower and fawna top
new work2
Industrial Landscape 1
Blue Bridge in Autumn
The Windmill Lytham
Abstract underwater
Floral Abstract
Matching art
Big Chocolate Buns
liz fitzgerald-taylor cards 002
Lovely Shoes
liz fitzgerald-taylor cards 001
autumn leaves are turning
Copy of people and places
industrial landscape
Papier Mache Dancing With Othello
Papier Mache Art
Papier Mache Art
Papier mache art
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